Gaming Grant Eligibility


To be eligible, applicants:
  1. Must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, government agency, school district and/or institution of higher education.
  2. Must provide services or benefits to City of Rock Island citizens. Organizations can be located in another community; however, it must provide services to the residents of Rock Island.
  3. Qualify as an eligible activity for the Gaming Grant (one of the below):
    • Employment services (e.g. job training)
    • Crime prevention and public safety
    • Child care
    • Health services
    • Substance abuse services (e.g. counseling and treatment)
    • Fair housing counseling
    • Education Programs
    • Energy Conservation
    • Services for senior citizens
    • Services for homeless persons
    • Welfare services
    • Down payment assistance
    • Recreational services

If the project does not meet all three basic requirements, it will not be considered for Gaming Grant funding and no presentation will be scheduled with the CAC. City staff will notify all applicants of eligibility status.