Fire & Police Commissioners Board


  • Schedule as needed
  • Human Resources Conference Room
    Lower level of City Hall

Commission Responsibilities

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners has charge of examinations for membership in the fire and police departments and they, along with the Fire Chief or Police Chief, make promotions within the departments.

The Board also hears charges which may be brought against any firefighter or police officer of the City and, if the board finds any of the charges have been proven, may determine what punishment is appropriate.

The Board further acts as an appeal board to review any appeals of suspensions imposed by either the Fire Chief or Police Chief.

The Board also performs such other functions as provided by ordinance.


  • John Hass       Term expires April 2019
  • John Hildreth   Term expires April 2018


  • Vanessa Trice                                     Term expires April 2018