Council Strategic Plan

The City of Rock Island has completed development of new action agenda for 2014-2015. The plan reflects the organization’s on-going commitment to strategic thinking, measurable results, and the delivery of quality services.

The Mayor and City Council met over a series of public meetings to review and update the strategic plan. After reviewing the past years progress, the City Council worked cooperatively to prioritize a set of strategic initiatives which focuses on infrastructure, financial stability, economic development, redevelopment, and high quality services.

The strategic plan continues to provide direction and guidance to the community and city staff.

Policy Agenda 2015-2016

Top Priority

  • Internet Access/Fiber to Homes and Businesses
  • 11th Street Business Development
  • Southwest Corridor Business Development
  • Blackhawk Corridor Business Development
  • Street Program: Policy Direction and Funding
  • Water Treatment Plant at 24th Street

High Priority

  • Downtown Business Attraction Strategy
  • Mill Creek Water/Sewer Lines and Mitigation
  • 18th Avenue Corridor Business Development
  • 1st Street TIF Project
  • 175th Dodransbicentennial Celebration
  • City-Schools Relations
  • College Hill District Redevelopment/Enhancement

Management Agenda 2015-2016

Top Priority
  • City Corporate Communications Plan and Direction
  • Parks and Recreation Department
  • Walmart Development
  • Rock Island Arsenal/BRAC Advocacy

High Priority

  • Zoning Code: Revision
  • New Building Code: Adoption
  • Labor Contracts