To qualify for assistance in the Healthy Homes Lead Program the household must:
  • Be an owner occupied single-family residence in Rock Island
  • Have children under the age of six who reside in the home or visit the home on a regular basis
  • Have a title to the property, up-to-date property taxes, and valid property insurance
  • Meet certain income eligibility guidelines

Are Rental Units Eligible for Assistance?

Owners of rental properties may apply for assistance, including a 0% interest forgivable loan for a term of five years. If the owner still meets the guidelines after five years, the loan will be forgiven.

The following guidelines apply:
  • 50% of the units must be occupied by or made available to tenants at or below 50% of the area median income (AMI)
  • All remaining units must be occupied by or made available to tenants at or below 80% AMI
  • Participating owners must give priority in renting units assisted for not less than three years to income-qualifying families with a child under age six.

What is the Process for Applying?

Households with lead-poisoned children will be referred to the program by the Rock Island County Health Department. If enrolled in a housing program operated by the City of Rock Island, you are automatically considered if eligibility criteria are met. Sign up for the Healthy Homes Waiting List.