Firefighter of the Year


Firefighter Brandon Baker is a solid member of the Rock Island Fire Department, both inside and outside of the station, and represents the department with pride and integrity. On emergency calls, he displays excellent knowledge and skills needed when handling both fire and EMS incidents. This is a direct result of his constant, self-directed study of new trends and techniques in both fire and EMS. Firefighter Baker is also a very hard worker at the station. He is constantly looking for ways to improve each station he is assigned to. He pays particular attention to the tools and equipment on each vehicle, and puts forward the extra effort to make sure that they are in top operating condition. Firefighter Baker also shows a willingness to serve in additional capacities.
He has served on an apparatus committee this year, serves on the Foreign Fire Tax Committee, is one of the department’s SCBA maintenance technicians, and has volunteered to become a Technical Rescue Technician. All of this while taking care of a young family at home. Firefighter Baker shows the kind of dedication, leadership, and attention to detail that all should desire to emulate. It is with great pride that the Rock Island Fire Department selects Firefighter Brandon Baker as its 2016 Firefighter of the Year.