Judith Gilbert  
General Administration
Title: City Clerk
Phone: (309) 732-2010

Biography Judi Gilbert

Ms. Gilbert, a Chicago native, has a Master’s degree in Adult Education from Roosevelt University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola University. With a background in economic development, small business and marketing, Ms. Gilbert has wide-ranging municipal experience including six years as Economic Development Director and TIF Coordinator for the City of Colona; four years as a trustee for the Village of Bishop Hill; and two years as Recording Secretary for United Township High School District. Some of Ms. Gilbert’s professional accomplishments are:

  • Obtained $2 million plus in grants for a road improvement project critical for safety and development of an industrial park;
  • Secured a gift of $4 million recreational facility for a community; and
  • Created and established the first small business incubator on an Illinois community college campus.

Ms. Gilbert devotes her free time to her husband, daughter, two grandchildren and family remaining in Chicago.

The City Clerk is the Freedom of Information officer for the City, and all requests for information are filed initially with this office. Requests are forwarded to the appropriate department for response, which are returned to the customer through the City Clerk's office.

City Elections
The City Clerk is the election official of the City. All filing of documents must be processed through the City Clerk's office. Packets of election information and forms are prepared by the city clerk in September prior to the election year and are available to the persons interested in becoming an elected official. These individuals that have completed the requirements may file for their office in November with the City Clerk.

City Council

The City Clerk prepares all City Council meeting agendas, packets and minutes. The City Clerk signs and affixes the City seal to all City Ordinances, Resolutions and other official documents.

Annual & Temporary Business Licenses
The City Clerk issues a number of annual and temporary licenses for the City, some of which include tree trimming, plaza uses (vendors, events, cafes, etc.), itinerant merchants, taxi cab businesses, tobacco dealers, coin-operated game machines, pawn shops, raffles, sound amplification, etc. The City Clerk also coordinates all requests for street closings, block parties, races, runs, parades, etc., which utilize City streets.

Annual Statement of Economic Interest
The City Clerk is responsible for the listing of all staff members and commission / board members that need to complete an annual statement of economic interest for Rock Island County.

Often the public’s first contact with the City of Rock Island, Ms. Gilbert as City Clerk strives to provide excellent customer service to the residents of Rock Island.


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