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Inspections Report a Problem

  1. Use this form to report a problem relating to trash/junk/rubbish, vacant properties, graffiti, and weeds/high grass. Online submissions will take time to process and forwarded to the Inspections Division for investigative follow-up. Although you may remain anonymous while using the online complaint form, supplying your name and phone number is helpful in the event that additional information is needed.

  2. Rental or Owner-Occupied:

  3. Is the property vacant:

  4. Can the inspector see the trash/junk/rubbish from the alley:

  5. Is the building secured:

  6. Has anyone been seen entering the structure:

  7. Have the police been notified:

  8. Are the weeds/grass higher than 10 inches:

  9. May we contact you in reference to your submission:

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