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Grading & Drainage Permits
Grading & Drainage Permits
Permits and Inspections are done by the Public Works Department.  Many building projects require Grading & Drainage Permits before you may begin construction.  When in doubt please contact the Public Works Department to verify.

If a permit is issued or if work is approved based upon inaccurate or in-complete information submitted by the applicant, the grading permit may be cancelled at any time, a stop work order may be issued, and/or remedial action may be ordered.

Keep Your Dirt!  
Muddy water leaving your construction site is a red flag that is sure to get the attention of inspectors. Avoid work delays and fines. Keep your dirt onsite by implementing effective best management practices (BMPs).

  • Install erosion and sediment controls properly at the beginning of construction
  • Clear the smallest area possible in which to complete your work and keep as much of the existing vegetation as possible
  • Stabilize disturbed soil areas immediately after final grading
  • Divert storm water away from your disturbed areas
  • Slow down storm water runoff before it leaves your site
  • Install gravel entrance to minimize tracking of dirt onto roadways
  • Maintain BMPs throughout your project.

Public Works Department
1309 Mill Street
Rock Island, IL 61201
Ph: (309) 732-2200
Fx: (309) 732-2380

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday