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Brick Street Policy
Brick streetPatching & Upkeep Policies
The Public Works Department takes the condition of the brick pavement into consideration when determining the importance of retaining the brick street.

All brick streets in Rock Island are included in one of the following categories:
  • Streets that are determined to be of such historic importance that they should be restored to their original condition by replacing any existing patches with brick. Any new utility cuts must be patched with brick.
  • Streets that are important enough to merit preservation but not restoration. Any new utility cuts must be patched with brick.
  • Streets that have marginal importance and require input from the Preservation Commission before repairs are done.
  • Streets that have no significant historic importance may be patched or repaired with concrete or asphalt.

Complete Listing of City Streets & Categories
The Engineering Division has a complete list of all streets within each category. Find more information on the City’s Brick Street Policy in the Brick Street Plan.

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