Green Initiatives

Protecting the Future of Our World's Environment

Rock Island is extremely concerned about the future of the world’s environment and is committed to implementing options that incorporate sustainable technologies. The City's team of department representatives and the City’s technology consortium continually review new technologies that are environmentally friendly.

The City is working with residents and businesses to promote sustainable technologies that are proven to have a positive impact on the environment. They continue to do what environmentally is right for Rock Island while, at the same time, having a positive impact on the world’s environment.

City's Steps to Go Green

Rock Island is doing many things as a city government to become more energy-efficient, follow sustainable practices, and be environmentally friendly. To see how the City works with its residents and businesses to go green, visit the following pages:


Rock Island has received several awards for green initiatives:

  • Lieutenant Governor’s Environmental Hero Award - Green Initiatives 2008, Rain Gardens for Rock Island 2005
  • Urban Innovations in Illinois Award - Rain Gardens for Rock Island 2006
  • Radish Award - Green Initiatives 2008
  • River Action’s Eddy Award:
    • Sylvan Slough Natural Area Redevelopment 2008
    • Rain Gardens for Rock Island 2006