Available Wi-Fi Locations

The City of Rock Island provides free wireless internet access in the following locations:

Setting Up a Wi-Fi Connection:

  1. Insert a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TM NIC card.
  2. Set your wireless LAN setting to SSID:RIFI.
  3. Launch your internet browser to go to your favorite website. (Note: The City of Rock Island’s website will likely be the first page displayed when the connection is completed.)

Using a Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) is an internet connection pumped out via radio waves for use with laptops and other communications devices without plugging into an electrical outlet.
  • The device used must be set up and enabled for Wi-Fi and have a Wi-Fi card.
  • The user must be in the vicinity of the Wi-Fi service known as a hot spot.
  • If the provider is using a WEP encryption, either a sign should be posted with the WEP key (or password) or you will need to ask an employee for the WEP key. If it is a no-WEP establishment, you should be able to access the Wi-Fi immediately.
Please note: The City of Rock Island is unable to help users set up Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot / Zone Security Statement

This security statement is provided to help users learn more about the security limitations of free Wi-Fi hot spot services.
  • Privacy while using Wi-Fi hot spots cannot be guaranteed.
  • Wireless LAN services may be illicitly intercepted by equipment and software unless they are connected securely to another server using SSL encryption or other means.
  • Users are responsible to take measures to secure their devices and internet communications.
  • It is strongly recommended that users provide their own security such as virtual private networks, encryption, and personal firewalls.
  • This service does not provide these above solutions and cannot guarantee or be responsible for security infringements occurring while using the City's Wi-Fi services.
  • This security statement may be updated from time to time.