Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Making A Difference! & Making Proud Choices!
Our Goals: Encourage the participants to make CHOICES.
   Choose to make a difference in their lives and communities
   Choose to be abstinent
   Choose to be proud of themselves, their family, and their community
   Choose to behave responsibly for everyone’s sake.

Making a Difference! Is an Abstinence approach to Teen Pregnancy, STDs and HIV Prevention. Designed for 6th-11th  grade students, this eight module curriculum is designed to empower adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of becoming (or getting someone) pregnant, and becoming infected with STD or HIV.  Specifically, this curriculum advocates postponing  sexual activity and emphasizes that abstinence is their only way to completely eliminate their risk for pregnancy, STDs and HIV. 

Making Proud Choices!! Is an Evidence-Based Intervention that reduces the risk of HIV, STDs and Teen Pregnancy. Designed for 9th—12th grades, this eightweek module curriculum covers the same topics listed above and it also includes a session on technical skills to use condoms correctly and the importance of making responsible sexual decision.


  •  Setting goals
  •  More positive attitudes and beliefs about abstinence.
  •  Increased Knowledge about prevention of pregnancy, STDs & HIV.
  •  Reinforce pride and responsibility in their lives
  •  A Stronger sense of pride and responsibility in making a difference in their lives.
  •  Increased confidence in their ability to negotiate abstinence.
  •  Develop ways to avoid peer pressure.

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