COVID-19 Information

This page is dedicated to official statements issued by City of Rock Island Departments regarding actions taken in light of COVID-19.  There have been measures put in place by all departments following the mandates of the Governor’s Office, and their own actions to aid in the public’s safety. Links to community organizations, schools, Federal, State and Local Governments can also be found here.

Message from Mayor Mike Thoms:

It’s an understatement to say that the titled COVID-19 pandemic has escalated rapidly.  There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding the illness and I understand any reactions the public may have.  I want you to know that Rock Island is united as a region with our fellow Quad Cities and surrounding areas.  A Quad Cities COVID-19 Coalition has been established to monitor and communicate all necessary information about COVID-19 and how it’s affecting our community.  I understand the uncertainty of the situation, but ask that we stay calm, stay informed and stay kind to one another Rock Island.  

All the best always – Mayor Mike Thoms

Please watch the Quad Cities COVID-19 Coalition video below