Election Information

The Seven Wards of Rock Island

Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years, and terms of office expire every four years. Registered voters in each ward elect an alderman. Seven wards comprise the geographic area of the City of Rock Island. Each alderman is required to be a resident of that ward

2023 Non-Partisan Municipal Consolidated Election Information and Offices to be Elected: 

The Non-Partisan Municipal Election will be held on April 4, 2023.  Please visit the Rock Island County Clerk website  for additional election information including polling place locations and voter registration.  

The Offices to be elected for the 2023 Consolidated Election are:

Second Ward (Four-Year Term)

  • Randy Hurt

Fourth Ward (Four-Year Term)

  • Jenni Swanson
  • James Blue

Sixth Ward (Four-Year Term)

  • Mark B. Poulos
  • Tamara Felden

Seventh Ward (Two-Year Unexpired Term)

  • William J. Healy 
  • Yolanda Grandberry Pugh
  • Quincy Davis