Andalusia Road Corridor Study

Our Long-Term Vision for the Area

The City of Rock Island, Village of Milan, and Rock Island County approved a long-range vision for Andalusia Road from Turkey Hollow Road to the Rock Island / Milan Parkway in 2004. This is a dynamic and vibrant corridor that is in need of coordinated planning, improvements, and investment.

Plans for the Corridor

Long-term objectives of the Andalusia Road Corridor Study Plan include:
  • Access controls
  • Landscape improvements to enhance safety and visual elements
  • Design controls and development regulations to promote high quality investment in the future, including a corridor plan review overlay district specifying development standards
  • Sign, zoning, subdivision, and other ordinance amendments to achieve overall objectives
  • Roadway improvements
  • Traffic signalization standards and other transportation related issues
  • Bike path, greenway, and pedestrian elements for the corridor

Changes & Updates

Key elements of the plan are to:
  • Drastically change the appearance and nature of Andalusia Road through Rock Island’s industrial, recreational, and commercial areas and Milan’s commercial core and residential nodes to its eastern industrial and residential terminus with the Rock Island / Milan Parkway.
  • Enhance the visual appearance of Andalusia Road by creating a center turn lane or boulevard with an intermittent center turn lane based on the rural or urban nature of the adjoining property, and creating a bike path with associated landscaping that will transform the road.
  • Promote joint planning, zoning, and sign ordinance administration, design review, and road enhancement implementation among the Village of Milan and the City and County of Rock Island.
  • Implement Milan and Rock Island’s long-range land use plans.