Columbia Park Plan

Mixed-Use Development

In 2005, the City of Rock Island, KeyStone Association, Augustana College, stakeholders, and Quad City Industrial Center (QCIC) property owners (LRC) developed and approved a long-term vision for redevelopment of the former International Harvester Farmall plant and surrounding lands. This mixed-use development capitalizes on the site’s river location by providing river-oriented housing and integrating it with commercial and recreational opportunities.

10-Year Development Concept

Long-term objectives of the Columbia Park Plan include:
  • Selective demolition by LRC of the eastern end of the QCIC property – Done
  • Demolition by the City of the former Farmall power plant and other accessory buildings located on land owned by Navistar that was transferred to the City of Rock Island – Done
  • Completion of the Sylvan Slough Natural Area – Done
  • New streets and uses on the QCIC site, to include high-density residential, mixed use, commercial, recreational, community center, and adaptive reuse
  • Promote mixed-use, neighborhood services, and medium-density residential between Sixth and Seventh avenues from 38th Street to the east
  • Implement elements of the Parkway Plan: Create an entry feature at the City line, linear park along Seventh Avenue, reducing the number of travel lanes on both Sixth and Seventh avenues
  • Change Sixth and Seventh avenues to two-way traffic
  • Add landscaped berm to separate the railroad tracks from the new neighborhood

Long-Term Development Plan

  • Demolish the western portion of the QCIC property – Dependent on McLaughlin Body’s negotiations with LRC
  • Create medium-density housing
  • Promote mixed-use development at the corner of 30th Street and 5th Avenue
  • Develop an entry feature at 30th Street into the Columbia Park area with a bridge over the railroad tracks
  • Continue the landscaped buffer along the north side of Fifth Avenue toward the Abbey Station (former Rock Island Lines Depot)
  • Establish a technical / office complex at the western end of the property
  • Develop a wildlife observation tower and stormwater management feature adjacent to the Quad City Botanical Center