Identify & Organize Your Neighborhood

The City of Rock Island is committed to partnering with neighbors to improve the quality of life and pride in our community. Each neighborhood has unique physical characteristics that attract homebuyers, but it is residents who have the vigor to make their neighborhood what they want it to be or enhance the special qualities that drew them there in the first place. Want to build pride in your community and help determine the future of our city? Then, identify your special corner of Rock Island and organize a neighborhood association!

The menu to the left will guide you through this process, or download a brochure created by Neighborhood Partners.

Reasons to Identify & Organize Your Neighborhood

  • Joy and security in actually knowing your neighbors;
  • A collective voice is stronger than a single voice;
  • Improved, quick and customized news-sharing network (newsletters and/or email)
  • Regular access to municipal officials;
  • Better influence at city hall;
  • Increased awareness of proposals and decisions that impact neighborhoods;
  • Improved access to grants and gifts;
  • Acknowledgement of your neighborhood’s special qualities by media and others;
  • Proactive initiatives that show with a clear vision and a positive attitude, a group can improve rather than just protect its neighborhood and enhance daily life for residents.
Why Neighborhoods Organize
  • Address a particular concern;
  • Empower residents;
  • Building or augment community;
  • Responsibility to the larger community.