Housing Authority Officer

Patrol Officer, Michael Wood, is assigned to the Rock Island Housing Authority to act as a liaison between the Housing Authority and the Police Department. The Rock Island Housing Authority community policing program has allowed the liaison officer to establish strong, lasting relationships with multiple public housing individuals, families, and children.
Housing Authority

What the Program Does

This Community Policing Program allows the Housing Authority Officer to:
  • Build a stronger rapport with public housing residents
  • Act as a positive role model for the children and youth in the community
  • Refer and accompany residents to appropriate social service agencies
  • Be an advocate for residents living in public housing
  • Coordinate safety and educational activities with Rock Island Housing Authority
  • Be involved in the positive life-changing experiences of the residents

Serves the Residents

Officer Michael Wood serves the residents of Lincoln Homes, Spencer Towers, Sunset Heights, Lynden Lane, Cascade Garden, 3rd & 11th Townhomes, and Douglas Park Place. He focuses on building a relationship with the residents in these communities, helping to build a bridge of communication with the police department. You may contact Officer Michael Wood by Email.