The nominated business must be located in Rock Island and serve the community in a capacity that goes beyond normal business operations. Examples include providing scholarship awards, fundraising, volunteering, and overall giving back to the community. The nominated business must have a good working environment and be operated in a way that displays character, ethics, good business practices and maintains a well-kept building and grounds in the city. 

The business owner does not need to reside in Rock Island.

Business - Past Citizen of the Year Winners

The individual/business denoted with ** is the overall Citizen of the Year for that respective year.

2022McDonald's 30th Street - owner Austin Smith
2021Liberty Packaging 
2019Cool Beenz
2018Pee Wee's Restaurant
2017Ms. BriMani's Hair & Beauty Supply
2016Boetje Foods, Inc.
2015LeFigaro Restaurant
2014Mississippi Truck & Trailer
2013Unley Marine LLC
2012Jumer's Casino & Hotel
2010Chris Elsberg Insurance Agency, Inc.
2009Wheelan-Pressly Funeral Home
2008KJWW Engineering Consultants
2007Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse
Illinois Oil Products
2006Mama Compton’s
2005City Limits
2004Bike & Hike - Steve DePron
2003Royal Neighbors of America
2002Thoms Proestler (Stu, Mike, Tom and Ted)
2001Cassini Tile & Marble Co.
2000Modern Woodmen of America
1999**Hyman's Furniture Store - Stanley Goldman
1998Town & Country Bowling Lanes- Buddy Bateman
1997Dohrn Transfer - Gary Dohrn
1996Wheelan Funeral Home - Steve Pressley
1995**Valley Construction - John Hass
1994Nomura Enterprise - Lee Nomura
1993Rock Island Millworks - Tom Krone
1992Huckleberry’s - Jon Keim
1991Bell Auto - Ed Bell
1990First National Bank - Charles Wilson
1989Star Cres Building - Penny Woolworth
1988Freeland Sports - Al Freeland
1987**Oakwood Realty - Dick Motz