This award honors an individual who exemplifies hard work and ethics while demonstrating outstanding service to the community through volunteer work, mentoring or social leadership. This person has made a difference through their willingness to work well with others and ability to inspire positive change in Rock Island. 

This person must be a resident of Rock Island. 

Individual - Past Citizen of the Year Winners

The individual/business denoted with ** is the overall Citizen of the Year for that respective year.

2022Vicki Hess
2021Thurgood Brooks
2019Heidi Huiskamp Collins
2018  Eudell Watts III
2017 Matt Stern
2016Sheila Guse
2015John McEvoy and William DeVrieze
2014Louis Alongi
2013Moses Robinson
2012Bud Helpenstell
2011Ed & Nancy Hanna
2010Mark W. Schwiebert
2009Robert Olvera Fout
2008**Carroll "Red" Pearson
2007Mary Welling
2006Mike Markell
2005Rhoda Humphrey
2004Fred Houlton
2003**Phil Dennis
2002**Maggie Stutsman
2001Jayne Pearson
2000Dean Schroeder
1999Kevin Guthrie and Al Nesseler
1998Bing Bingaman
1997**Ken Martin
1996Harry Pells
1995Moe Payton
1994**Constance Bell
1993Ray Loquist and Charles Moore
1992Ken Mincer
1991Sue Golden
1990Karen Williams
1989**Charles Austin, Jr.
1988Violet Barton
1987Odessa Terry