City Employee

City Employee - Past Citizen of the Year Winners

The individual/business denoted with ** is the overall Citizen of the Year for that respective year.
 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center: Carlos H. Jimenez 
2019 Police Chief Jeff VenHuizen
2018  Public Works: Patrick O'Brien
2017  Parks and Recreation Director: John Gripp
2016 City Clerk: Aleisha Patchin
2015 IT Department: Nancy Blair
2014 Public Works: Fred Bain
2013 Parks and Recreation Director: Bill Nelson
2012 Rock Island Library: Amy Penry
2011 Police Department: Officer Dytanya Robinson
2010 Administrative Services Department: Patrick Doherty
2009 Fire Department: James Fobert
2008 Police Department: Officer Jeff Ronk
2007 Community and Economic Development: Doris Quigley
2006 Inspections: Tom Ayers
2005 Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center: Jerry Jones
2004 Parks and Recreation: Bob Towler
2003 Public Works: Karen Wilfong
2002 Police Department: Lt. Scott Harris
2001 Community and Economic Development: Mary Slabon
2000** City Manager: John Phillips
1999 Public Works: Kaye Whitley
1998 Police Department: Duane VanLandegan
1997 Fire Department: Lee Meyers
1996 Police Department: Chief Anthony Scott
1995 Community and Economic Development: Jill Doak
1994 Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center: Ida Robinson
1993 Fire Department: Chris Naab
1992 City Clerk: Jean Paggen
1991** Police Department: Bill Sowards
1990 Public Works: Bob Hawes
1989 Fire Department: Greg Carlson
1988 Police Department: Buzz Robinson
1987 Community and Economic Development: Alan Carmen