This person must be a student currently enrolled in the Rock Island-Milan School District, Jordan Catholic School, Alleman High School or homeschooled in grades 6 through 12 this fall or has graduated within the last six months. This student has maintained academic excellence while displaying character, initiative, leadership and creativity through community groups, projects or volunteer work. The selected youth has won the respect and admiration of teachers or community leaders and stands out as an example to other youth. 

The nominated youth is not required to be a resident of Rock Island except for homeschooled students, who must reside in the city. 

Youth - Past Citizen of the Year Winners 

The individual/business denoted with ** is the overall Citizen of the Year for that respective year.


2022Quincy Davis
2021Riley Jones
2019Anna Darrow
2018Jada Veasey
2017 MyKeisha Wells
 2016Donell Clark
 2015**Amy and Amber Haskill
 2014 Alicia Freiburg
 2013Abbey Johnson
 2012 Drew Brozovich
 2011Anna Pienta
 2010Chasson Randle and Ciara Turner
 2009Colin Carstens
 2008Matthew Jacobs
 2007Hannah Mattison
 2006Nick Camlin
 2005Andy Colgan
 2004Eddie Williams
 2003Barb Hart
 2002Jessica Lang
 2001**Sarah Hultquist
 2000Whitney McDonnell and Nicole Clark
 1999Jeff Watters
 1998Chimere Anderson
 1997Shanteau Williams
 1996Tia-Farrah Rice
 1995Jay Hays
 1994John Sias
 1993Holly Munson