Housing Code Regulations

Commitment to Promoting Safe, Clean Housing

Tenants, landlords, and homeowners have certain obligations that help to make the City's neighborhoods good places to live.

Please view the following guide to the City’s property maintenance regulations to gain better knowledge to be a better neighbor, tenant, landlord, and property owner:

Checking For Compliance

Whether occupying or searching for a home in the City of Rock Island, the checklists below, in cooperation with the Guide above, will help the property owner understand the condition of the home in order to make sure that they are not only living in or purchasing a safe home but are also in compliance with the City Building Codes and Ordinances.

Occupancy Requirements

The City's occupancy regulations permit no more than three unrelated persons to inhabit most residences. Permitted occupancy of a property is ultimately determined by zoning and can be verified with the Zoning Official.

The International Property Maintenance Code limits the number of people that can occupy a bedroom space depending on the size of that space. Egress windows are required by code for all basement bedrooms and occupied spaces.