Where can I go for general business assistance?
Illinois law requires that individuals conducting or transacting a business under any name other than the real names of the owners must file an Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk in the county in which business is located. If the business will be incorporated, a corporation, or an LLC, file with the Illinois Secretary of State, not the County Clerk.

Rock Island County Clerk: (309) 558-3569.
Illinois Secretary of State Department of Business Services: (217) 782-6961
Retail tax information, City Finance Department: (309) 732-2000

A Special Use Permit for businesses that are located out of your home may be required. Please contact the City of Rock Island Zoning Department at (309) 732-2900 for more information.

A Change of Occupancy Certificate for any structures that will be used for a purpose other than that which it was originally constructed may be required. Please contact the Building Department at (309) 732-2910 for more information.

A Food Service License is required to operate any food and beverage establishment. Please contact the Health Inspector for more information (309) 732-2910.

For all other business licensing and permit related questions please contact the City Clerk at (309) 732-2010.

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1. Where can I go for general business assistance?
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