State of the City Speech

An Update on the City of Rock Island

Mayor Mike Thoms gave the annual State of the City Address at the City Council meeting on January 11, 2021. 
Topics included:
  • 2020 was a challenging year as Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it
  • City facilities, as well as bars and restaurants, had to adapt and change
  • The City gave out grants, not loans, to those businesses that needed help during the pandemic and gave tax incentives to help businesses expand or new businesses to open
  • 10 new businesses opened up in Rock Island and 15 are expanding, even during the pandemic, totaling $70M in development
  • We were able to maintain a balanced budget in 2020, due in part to a $1.6M CURE reimbursement, and presented a balanced budget for 2021
  • Passed a 0% tax rate increase for 2021


  • The City increased its credit rating from A- to A+ Stable with S & P and is still in good shape
  • A public / private partnership was established with DARI to further economic growth throughout our City
  • City Staff worked diligently for several weeks to clean up after the August Deracho, while still maintaining City services
  • Organized and worked with a coalition on the 2020 Census to make sure Rock Island receives its fair share of Federal Dollars
  • Library and Parks revised and / or expanded several programs to meet  "social distancing" mandates
  • This Town Rocks Resilience! 
 View the slide show presentation.