Chippiannock Cemetery: 150 Years of Epitaphs

150 Years of Epitaphs at Chippiannock Cemetery

The stories of the people, plots and past of Chippiannock Cemetery are available in a book co-published by the Rock Island Preservation Commission and the Chippiannock Cemetery Heritage Foundation. This 284-page paperback features biographies, scripts, historical photographs and monuments pertaining to the 114 people featured in the popular “Chippiannock Cemetery: Epitaphs Brought to Life” tour series. Special sections of the book enlighten readers about the rural cemetery movement, Chippiannock’s role in that movement, and interpret the monumental and symbolic art and landscape and botanical significance of the cemetery.
Chippiannock Cemetery - 150 Year of Epitaphs Brochure Cover
  • Pages: 284
  • Year Printed: 2006
  • .PDF Version: Not Available.
  • Availability: Various Quad City area libraries and schools

For your convenience, the Preservation Commission has made the following reference sources within this book available: