City Council Goal #3

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• Increase / expand retail businesses and sales tax revenues
• Work in partnership with neighborhoods, businesses, community organizations, institutions
• Increase private sector investment
• Create a vibrant Downtown – a destination for residents and the region
• Develop Columbia Park
• Enhance College Hill District


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ACTION STEP 1: Support Partnership with Library and YMCA (Seven Votes) 30/31 library will be closing, but a library presence is still important there. The partnership with the YMCA and Library needs to be supported and it needs to move forward.  
LEAD: Library
Response from Contributors Council expected by the end of July 2019.
​- Response from the Contributors Council received late July. Before they will make a determination, they would like to see a completed feasibility study and a firm offer for acquiring the building. COMPLETED

​Submit CY2020 CIP Request for this project to the Finance Department by July 25, 2019. COMPLETED

​• Resubmit Contributors Council packet with the feasibility study results/building offer by October 3, 2019. (If we are unable to meet this aggressive deadline the timeline will be pushed back to their next meeting, which is in January 2020).

​• Present information about the project/answer questions at the October 28, 2019, City Council Study Session if the feasibility study is complete and indicates positive results.

​• Prepare for the sale of the 30/31 Library:
​- Real Estate Appraisal – Done.
​- Working with Legal on the process for selling the property (currently underway).
​- RFP for Mobile Library released in late July. Bid opening is August 7, 2019.
​- Investigate placing material return boxes at businesses in the central part of the City (currently underway).
​- Last date the 30/31 Library open to the public – Saturday, December 14, 2019.

​• If the feasibility study comes back positive, Launch a Capital Campaign in the Summer of 2020:
​- Commission a “Campaign Cabinet”
​- Leadership Gift Phase

​• Fall 2020:
​- Major Gifts Phase

​• Once 80% of funds are secured, begin design and construction. (Date TBD)

​• Spring/Winter 2021:
​- Special Gift Phase
​- Community Gift Phase