The drinking water industry has been monitoring PFAS chemicals (Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl substances) for over a decade.  US EPA issued a public health advisory for PFAS chemicals in 2016 citing evidence that lifetime exposure to these chemicals could result in harmful health effects. 

In 2020 IL EPA initiated an investigation into the levels of PFAS concentrations in water supplies throughout the State.  Rock Island participated in the investigation.  The investigation found that Rock Island’s water had trace concentrations of compounds in the PFAS family of chemicals.  Rock Island plans to follow IEPA recommendations to communicate this information to the community.  

Rock Island will also continue to work collaboratively with neighboring water systems to conduct monitoring of Mississippi River water and finished water as well as looking into treatment alternatives to reduce the concentrations of these chemicals in Rock Island’s public water supply.

For additional information please take a look at the PFAS Fact Sheet, the AWWA Briefing on PFAS and the Source Water Evaluation Guide for PFAS.