Park Naturalized Areas

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The Parks and Recreation Department is reintroducing native grasses and wildflowers to restore over 23 acres in Longview Park, Lincoln Park, Mel McKay Park, Sylvan Slough Natural Area, and the golf courses to what was once common terrain in Illinois. These natural areas will not only reintroduce native grass and wildflowers to parks, but provide erosion control, expenditure savings from reduced mowing, gas, and manpower, and provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife. 

Restoration Takes Time
It takes 3-5 years for prairie plants to reach their maturity and for wildflowers to increasingly display a stunning show of color. Caring includes ongoing control of invasive weeds, especially during the first few years through occasional mowing and annual controlled burns. We are proud to partner with Rock Island County Forest Preserve, Blackhawk State Park, Augustana College, Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and River Action on these projects.  

For a list of native plants you can grow in your own yard please visit this Plant Guide from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.