Please be mindful to use sidewalks or pathways when walking to parks. Do not cut through yards or private property. Deposit trash into trash cans located in the park. If you witness or discover vandalism, call the Park office immediately.

Park Rules

  • Dogs without leashes are not allowed on park property. The pet owner is responsible for removal of all waste deposited on park property.
  • Pets are not allowed at Douglas Park or Alan Campbell Sports Complex.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in city parks.
  • Intoxicated persons are not allowed on park property.
  • Amplified sound is not permitted in the parks or shelters, except for those who have obtained a Special Use Permit.
  • Hitting of golf balls in city parks is prohibited.
  • Motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on park property unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Dumping of debris, grass clippings, etc., on park property is against city ordinance.
  • All parks close at 10:00 pm.