Liquor License

Required for any commercial business wishing to sell alcohol

Local licenses expire April 30 annually.

Application Fee Required
$900 annual licensing. Fees vary according to classifications and will be due upon the applications approval by the local Liquor Commissioner.

Local License Procedures

  • In the State of Illinois the Mayor serves as the local Liquor Commissioner and oversees all applications, licenses, and violations.
  • Liquor licenses in the City of Rock Island Applications may be obtained from the Executive Secretary in the Mayor’s office, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.
  • Completed applications should be turned in to the Mayor’s office for his review with the required documents as listed on the application and the $900.00 application fee.
  • After the Mayor has approved the submission of the application, it will be forwarded to the Police Department for background investigation. This portion of the approval process may take up to three weeks to process.
  • Upon completion of the background investigation, the application, along with the findings of the investigation, is forwarded to the Liquor Commissioner.
  • The Liquor Commissioner will approve or reject the issuance of a license based upon the information he has received, and the applicant will be notified of their application status.

Local License Renewals

After an initial license has been issued, an annual renewal application must be submitted each year to the local Liquor Commissioner’s office before the May 1 deadline to remain valid. After receiving a local liquor license, a State alcohol retailer's license must be obtained. This must be done in person at their offices in Springfield or Chicago.

Temporary Liquor License

Temporary license to sell alcohol at retail may be granted to organized clubs, societies, associations, fraternal organizations, duly constituted churches, or other not-for-profit organizations. A temporary liquor license may be issued for one, two, or three consecutive days.

View a complete copy of the local liquor ordinance for the City of Rock Island.