Nomination Process

Process for Rock Island Landmarks & Historic Districts Nomination

The process to nominate a Rock Island Landmark is methodical and designed to allow the Rock Island Preservation Commission to gather as many facts and details about the property as possible prior to making designation decisions. The Preservation Commission has created a list of suggested details needed to complete a landmark nomination.

Designation proceeds like this:

Complete nomination form. Prior to completing this form, nominators are recommended to contact city staff for tips or guidance.
  1. Present application before a three-member committee, who will determine if the application should proceed.
  2. Revise application, if needed, based on subcommittee hearing.
  3. Present application before Preservation Commission at a public hearing, where interested parties will also be able to speak to the nomination.
  4. If designation is granted, receive recognition from the Mayor and City Council.
Fact: You need not own the property to nominate it for Rock Island Landmark designation

Fact: Owner consent is not required to designate a building a Rock Island Landmark