Property Nuisance

Enforcing the City's Municipal Code

The City of Rock Island Inspection Division’s property nuisance abatement inspector is charged with enforcing the City adopted International Property Maintenance Code and portions of the City's Municipal Code (such as weeds and junk).


Making a Complaint

In order for the inspectors to conduct an inspection, one must contact the Inspection Division and make a complaint. A complaint can be made by phone, in person by visiting the Inspection Division, by a written letter request, or by submitting an Report a Problem.

It is strongly recommended that when making a complaint, you should have information on-hand such as your name, telephone number where you can be reached, the location of the nuisance, and the alleged conditions. One may request anonymity when making a complaint.

Types of Submittable Complaints
You may submit a complaint online for the following complaints not in progress:

Please note: The property nuisance abatement inspector does not enforce the following laws:

  • Cars parked illegally
  • Fire code violations
  • Illegal drug sales / manufacture
  • Noise, loud music, or barking dogs

The Inspection

On most occasions, the inspector will inspect the occurring nuisance as soon as possible. During the inspection, the inspector will document all of the violations in a written report. If at all possible, pictures will be taken of the violations.

Letters & Fines

Once violations are documented, an order-to-correct letter is sent to the responsible party informing them of the violations and the corrective action needed for compliance. This letter also indicates how long the responsible party has to correct the violations in the letter and fines that may be given. The letter is properly served, and copies are sent to the appropriate parties.

Re-Inspection Process

After the order-to-correct letter has been received by the responsible party and the corrective action time has elapsed, a re-inspection of the location occurs to determine if the violations have been corrected. If corrected, no further action will be taken. If the violations are uncorrected, it is the intent of the City to gain code compliance using all available methods provided through codes and legal procedures as adopted by the City and available by law. Depending on the circumstances there may be more than one re-inspection.

Please bear in mind: Making a complaint can create tension between the offender and the complainant. The process may involve multiple inspections and phone calls and may require referrals to other departments. It is important to remain open and patient during this process to work toward compliance.