Rock Island Citizens can help keep our City clean and beautiful by following the steps below:

Step 1: Record

If you witness a graffiti crime in progress, please call 911. Please provide a complete description of the perpetrators and/or vehicles involved, including license plate numbers. Never approach or confront the vandals yourself.

Step 2: Report

Report the crime - If the property owner finds graffiti when the act is not in progress, a criminal damage report may be filed with the Rock Island Police Department. If it appears to be gang related, an officer may be sent to investigate and take photographs.

Report graffiti for removal on public property or graffiti that has not been removed from private property - Graffiti vandalism is a crime, but it is also a property maintenance code violation that the owner is responsible to correct. All complaints regarding a property with unresolved graffiti may be to sent the Inspection Division by filling out a Report a Problem or calling.

It is helpful for City code enforcement inspectors to have as much information about the graffiti as possible, including the property address or location of the graffiti and where the graffiti is located (i.e., a street wall, the sidewalk, a building, etc.).

Once a complaint is received, digital photographs will be taken and a notice will be issued to the owner. Graffiti on public property will be abated by the City.

Step 3: Remove

The City realizes that the owner of the vandalized property has been a victim of a criminal act; however Section 302.9 of the adopted International Property Maintenance Code recognizes the owner of the property with the graffiti as the responsible party. The code mandates the removal of graffiti from public and private property within a reasonable amount of time (normally 15-30 days), weather permitting. If the graffiti is removed, the file will be closed. If the responsible party does not act in accordance with the compliance order in the specified time, the Inspection Division will take legal action which may include a fine.

Helping to Keep Our Neighborhoods Clean

The City is working to keep neighborhoods clean and attractive through code enforcement, community involvement, and police enforcement.

Volunteer assistance for graffiti removal is offered to the Rock Island Community by the Community Caring Conference’s Graffiti Busting Program. Please call (309) 786-0345 to make a request or to volunteer. The Inspection Division works with the Rock Island Police Department to target graffiti hot spots and gang-related activities.