Drainage Assistance Program

In Partnership with the Property Owner

The Rock Island Drainage Assistance Program (RIDAP) was created to build a partnership between the City and private property owners who have damage on their property caused by storm water from more than just their property.

If a contractor performs the work, the RIDAP will contribute up to 75% of the project cost not to exceed $3,000 per property.

If a property owner performs the work, the RIDAP will reimburse 75% of the material costs only, not to exceed $3,000 per property.

Applications Accepted

Applications will be taken on an on-going basis until all allocated funding has been spent during that fiscal year. The City will notify the property owners if they were accepted into the RIDAP.

Construction will need to be completed within six months or forfeit the RIDAP resources.

How does the Rock Island Drainage Assistance Program work?

  • The property owner determines the project design and pays for the cost of the design.
  • The property owner submits a program application and allows the City access onto their property for project reviews.
  • The property owner must identify general drainage easements for the improvement area. This means that the land is reserved for drainage purposes; it does not give the land or any rights to the City of Rock Island.
  • The City reviews the design for compliance with the program and determines which project will be funded.
  • The City notifies the applicants if they are accepted into the program.
  • The property owner hires the contractor and pays for all of the costs of the improvements.
  • During construction, the property owner submits weekly status reports to the City (only one status report per project is required).
  • Once the improvements are completed, the property owner submits a request for a final project review.
  • The City performs a final review and determines if the project meets the RIDAP requirements.
  • The property owner submits a reimbursement form.
  • Once the project meets the requirements, the City will process the reimbursement.