Asphalt Rejuvenation Program

Asphalt rejuvenation techniques utilize asphalt and maltene based products to restore and seal aging asphalt pavements. 

The high temperatures used during installation of asphalt depletes the chemistry that give the road surface its strength and durability.  When rejuvenators are sprayed on the road, they penetrate into the surface to reinforce the binder that bonds the asphalt and aggregate together.

On older asphalt, products with different chemistry are utilized to rejuvenate and restore the pavement.  After treatment; strength, durability and flexibility are all improved. Generally, there is a noticeably better driving surface after application.  The products alleviate brittleness, surface cracking and raveling.

Test strips applied in 2017 demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques on Rock Island roads.  (Please see photo below.)

Based on the high performance and cost effectiveness of these products Rock Island implemented an Asphalt Rejuvenation Program in 2022.

Please visit the Everything Residents Need to Know About Road Preservation Spraying website or watch the Corrective Asphalt Materials video for additional information.

Asphalt Rejuvnation Diagram