Concrete Flatwork

SidewalkBond, Licensing & Permit Details

An individual or business wanting to do concrete flatwork (i.e., sidewalks and driveways) within the City right-of-way must obtain a concrete flatwork bond, license, and permit.

Concrete Flatwork Bond

A concrete flatwork bond will need to be obtained in the amount of $10,000 and then submitted to the contractor’s insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will complete the bond, amend the contractor’s coverage, and submit the bond to the Engineering Division.

The concrete flatwork bond will be continuous and remain in full force until canceled. The bond company has the right to cancel this bond for future liability upon 30 days written notice to the Engineering Division.

Concrete Flatwork License

Once the concrete flatwork bond is obtained, the contractor must get a concrete flatwork license from the Engineering Division. The concrete flatwork license fee is $75.  

During construction of the flatwork, the contractor must follow the City of Rock Island Construction Standards.

Concrete Flatwork Permit

After the contractor has submitted the concrete flatwork bond and license, the contractor will need a concrete flatwork permit. Fees include:
  • Curb Cut - $65 minimum for up to 25 feet
  • Driveway Approach / Alley - $65 minimum for up to 1,750 square feet and $.02 per square foot thereafter
  • Sidewalks - $65 minimum for up to 1,750 square feet and $.02 per square foot thereafter
Once the concrete flatwork permit has been submitted, a representative of the Engineering Division will contact you with your permit number.  

You must have your permit number prior to paying the permit fee.


The Engineering Division will inspect the work prior to placement of the concrete and after the work is completed to ensure that the construction was done in accordance with the City of Rock Island construction standards.