Police Administration

The administrative bureau of the Rock Island Police Department is composed of four positions:

  • Chief of Police
  • Deputy Chief
  • Lieutenant of Internal Affairs
  • Administrative Secretary

Chief of Police

Chief of Police has command responsibility over all other members of the department and is directly responsible for planning, assigning and coordinating the daily activities of the Rock Island Police Department.

Deputy Chief

The Deputy Chief supervises and coordinates the day to day activities of the department. He is second in command to the Chief of Police and therefore assumes full responsibility for the activities of the department during his absence. The Deputy Chief also serves as the Commander of the Emergency Response Team and as the Public Information Officer.

Lieutenant of Internal Affairs

The Lieutenant of Internal Affairs, serves as a special agent to the Chief of Police conducting internal investigations involving complaints of misconduct within the police department and is the police liaison to the local liquor commissioner.

Administrative Secretary

The Administrative Secretary, Rhonda Schumacher, provides clerical support for the administrative bureau staff.