Police Officer of the Year

Awarded by the Knights of Columbus

Since 1980 the Knights of Columbus has annually sponsored a Civic Awards Night giving recognition and honors to one Rock Island Police Officer who has performed exceptional service.

2020 Police Officer of the Year Honoree:

 Officer Zachary Costas

Selected By His Peers 

Officer Costas was appointed to the Rock Island Police Department on July 1st, 2013, and is currently assigned to the Tactical Operations Division.

Why He Was Nominated 

Officer Costas was nominated for his performance as a pro-active, efficient and productive officer, who throughout the last year has self-initiated 71 arrests resulting in 16 felonies and the recovery of 12 total firearms.  He is recognized for his ability to identify suspects from pictures and videos and is known for his continuous commitment in reporting to duty early to review arrest logs and facebook posts between known criminals.  Officer Costas is frequently called upon from outside agencies to provide information on Rock  Island targets.