Police Officer of the Year

Awarded by the Knights of Columbus

Since 1980 the Knights of Columbus has annually sponsored a Civic Awards Night giving recognition and honors to one Rock Island Police Officer who has performed exceptional service.

2021 Police Officer of the Year Honoree:

 Officer Andrew Lawler 

Selected By His Peers 

Officer Lawler was appointed to the Rock Island Police Department on September 26th, 2011, and is currently assigned to the Field Operations Division.

Why He Was Nominated 

Officer Lawler was nominated for being a highly motivated and active law enforcement officer who excels in identifying, recognizing, and apprehending violent repeat offenders who were commonly armed.  Additionally, he self-initiated numerous felony arrests that resulted in the recovery and seizure of firearms that were linked to additional gun crimes, helping further other investigations, that subsequently lead to the apprehension and conviction of additional offenders.