Employment Opportunities

Qualifications to Apply

Those interested in applying to the Rock Island Fire Department must:

  •   Be a high school graduate or equivalent
  •   Possess a valid driver's license
  •   Be at least 19 years of age
  •   No certifications required to apply
  •   Successful applicants will be placed on eligibility list valid for 2 years

Qualifications for Employment

  •    Be a high school graduate or equivalent
  •    Be at least 21 years of age
  •    Possess a valid drivers license
  •    Possess an Illinois Department of Public Health EMT- Basic license
  •    Pass the Candidate Physical Agility test (CPAT)

Testing, Interviews & Eligibility List

The Fire Department holds testing as needed to produce an eligibility list for new appointments. Testing consists of an oral interview and written test.  More information is listed in the Firefighter Testing Information Packet. The candidate will participate in a written test which, if passed, grants the applicant an interview with the Fire and Police Commission. Preference points are given to Certified Illinois EMT-Paramedics and Certified Firefighter IIs.

When the current eligibility list expires, applications will be taken by the Human Resources Department. Only online applications are accepted. To check for employment opportunities with the Rock Island Fire Department, please visit the employment page.

Fire Fighter Testing Information Packet

Candidate Physical Ability Test Informational Packet (16.3 Mb, 3 minute download)

YouTube Video of the CPAT Test

Contact the Human Resources department for scheduled dates of tests.