Warning Sirens

Outdoor Warning System

The outdoor weather sirens are intended to alert Rock Island residents of severe weather. These sirens indicate that residents who are outdoors should seek shelter immediately.

The City uses the same siren for both thunderstorms and tornado warnings. If you hear the siren from the warning system, please turn on your weather radio or local news to get updated information on the weather emergency.

Warning System Testing

The City tests the outdoor warning system on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am. The tests last approximately five minutes and ensure that the siren system is functioning properly. If there is inclement weather, the test will be postponed to make sure that there is no confusion between the test and an actual weather emergency.

Siren Locations

Warning sirens are located at the following Rock Island intersections:

  • 12th Street and Eight Avenue
  • 15th Avenue and 37th Street
  • 31st Avenue and 38th Street
  • 31st Avenue and Eighth Street
  • 92nd Avenue and 14th Street West
  • 3206 78th Avenue West