Black Hawk Park West Neighborhood

Unique and Layered History

Black Hawk Park West Neighborhood is located directly west of Black Hawk State Historic Site. This neighborhood has a deeply rich and layered history, beginning with its origins as Saukenuk, the central village of the Sauk Indian nation and famous for its association with war leader Black Hawk. Settlers in the early part of the 19th century felt this area would make a good site for a new city and envisioned its growth with a canal. However, the paper city known as Rock Island City was never established, and Rock Island's downtown ended up on the Mississippi River rather than the Rock River. Later, David B. Sears established this area as Searstown, which was finally incorporated into Rock Island in 1915.

The neighborhood began organizing in 2007, completing by-laws and adopting a board by 2009.


Roughly 11th Street on the west to Black Hawk State Historic Site on the east and 42nd Avenue on the north to the Rock River on the south.

Wards 2 & 3

Plans & Publications

Neighborhood Association

Black Hawk Park West Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Programs & Activities

  • Facebook
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Historic education programs with guest speakers
  • Black Hawk wooden lawn ornaments
  • Annual potluck
  • Annual wiener roast
  • Partnerships with Sauk Indian Nation, Black Hawk State Historic Site, and Citizens to Preserve Black Hawk Park Foundation

Public Facilities


Historic Register Properties in the Neighborhood