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KeyStone Neighborhood is ideally located between the two downtowns of Rock Island and Moline. (View a map of the district.) This key location was first promoted by developer E.H. Guyer in the 1890s, where he imagined a utopian city with a depot, theater and wonderful houses. While the houses did eventually develop, the rest did not. Residents resurrected Guyer's logo of the area 100 years later.

One of KeyStone's major assets is the wide variety of architectural styles that can be found in the neighborhood. The neighborhood contains an outstanding variety of American Foursquare style homes.

Neighborhood Organization

KeyStone Neighborhood Association was founded in 1994 when neighbors elected a steering committee of 12 residents, drawing together several smaller groups that had been meeting since 1986. Today the board consists of representatives from six sub-neighborhoods within KeyStone: Columbia Park, Fairview, Edgewood Park, Brooks' Grove, College Heights and Park View. In 1996, the committee registered the group as a not-for-profit corporation with the State of Illinois and as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

Neighborhood appearance was an early focus, with activities like "Go for the Gold" marigold planting. The neighborhood has maintained a keen interest in "town and gown" relations with Augustana College. The unrelated group family use, rental inspection ordinance and off-campus living workshops were objectives identified by the neighborhood that have since been implemented. KeyStone's long-standing relationship with Longfellow School is a paradigm of community involvement in a neighborhood school. Active partnerships with St. John's Lutheran Church, Hidalgo Park Group and Moline's Floreciente neighborhood reinforce the broad focus of the association.


Boundaries are 14th Avenue on the south, Mississippi River on the north, 38th Street on the west and Moline border on the east.

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  • 44th Street Clean-Up (Adopt-A-Highway)
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