Highland Park Historic Neighborhood

A Neighborhood of Architectural Ambience

Highland Park Historic District gains its special ambience from outstanding architecture and the beauty of original brick streets. Many of Rock Island's prominent citizens made their homes here in the early twentieth century, and they chose high style architecture and quality construction to reflect their status. Collectively, Highland Park homes make up one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rock Island. Individually, each home is an architectural gem.

Historic District Preservation & Protection

Highland Park Historic District is the only neighborhood in Rock Island accorded the same historic status as Rock Island Landmarks. Highland Park properties are protected by the Rock Island Preservation Ordinance and alterations to the exterior of the properties must receive a Certificate of Appropriateness. Learn more about the overall district designation and the historical and architectural characteristics of this neighborhood. You may also search out individual structures in the district in the Rock Island Historic Structures Inventory.


Highland Park was designated as a local historic district for more than 20 years before the residents began organizing in 2008. Seeing the success of other organized neighborhoods, and knowing they had unique resources in people and property, the residents formed an association with by-laws and a board. They have kept activity largely social, but do address neighborhood issues and concerns as needs arise. The construction of the Rock Island Center for Math & Science on the north border of the neighborhood increased resident involvement.


Highland Park Historic District is bounded by 20th and 24th Streets, 16th and 18th Avenues.

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Historic Register Properties in the District

All of Highland Park Historic District is a local historic district.