Ties to Irish Keep Neighborhood Eternally Green

Irish immigrants historically settled this neighborhood and some of that influence is still seen today, particularly in the very beautiful Sacred Heart Catholic Church located at the north end of the neighborhood. Most of the housing in Greenbush is from the early part of the 20th century, with typical “Victorian” features. Seventh Avenue is lined with impressively sized Queen Anne style homes and duplexes.

Housing values in Greenbush are remarkably stable. There is also a generous mix of housing types, from small homes to near-mansions. Apartments are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Formal Organization

Residents must have maintained a hint of the Irish passion, as they had a reputation for rallying around certain issues, such as changes to greenspace or rezoning of land for apartments. But it was not until 2003 that Greenbush Neighbors was founded. Hoping to expand a block club founded by the Community Caring Conference, resident Mike Markell did some research. He invited existing neighborhood associations and Neighborhood Partners to some meetings, and then put his considerable union organizing talents to use in a neighborhood setting. With a mission to promote spirit of community among residents, property owners and businesses, and an affinity for partnering, this neighborhood association has achieved a lot in a short time. Youth have been a consistent focus, along with beautification projects and involving senior citizens. This neighborhood association is also a model of communication and involvement, with a neighborhood fair that draws several hundred people each September and monthly meetings with different speakers. Enduring partnerships with Broadway Presbyterian Church and neighborhood businesses keep energy high and volunteers fresh.


Greenbush Neighborhood is bounded by 9th Avenue on the south, the Mississippi River on the north, 24th Street on the west and 30th Street on the east.

Ward 5

Plans & Publications

Greenbush Neighborhood Plan

Neighborhood Association

Greenbush Neighbors

Neighborhood Programs & Activities

  • Greenbush Community Garden
  • Monthly Meetings with Speakers
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Greenbush Gazette
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Greenbush Neighbors Fair
  • Greenbush Renewal Housing Program with Rock Island Economic GROWTH Corp.
  • Youth activities
  • Holiday Potluck
  • Greenbush Business Association
  • Augustana Service Projects
  • Join Hands Day
  • Facebook

Public Facilities

  • Quad City Botanical Center
  • Rock Island Township Hall

Historic Register Properties in the District