Bicycle Patrol

Patrolling Neighborhoods by Bicycle
The Rock Island Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit is a specialized unit within the Patrol Division. Approximately 40 Rock Island Police Officers have attended an intensive 40 hour training course to become certified as Bicycle Patrol Officers. Bike Patrol
The use of police bike patrols allows officers to:  
  • Have a high level of interaction with the citizens of Rock Island
  • Promptly respond to calls for service
  • Approach crimes in progress without being seen or heard
  • Be a visible deterrent to crime
  • Assist in events with large crowds

Bicycle Rodeos

The Bicycle Patrol Unit also performs a public service to the youth in the community by offering bicycle rodeos for interested Rock Island schools and other community organizations. A bicycle rodeo is an opportunity to educate 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students about the safety aspects of riding a bicycle on streets and roads, while practicing and developing skills that will help them become better bicyclists.

The focus of the bicycle rodeo is to:
  • Emphasize bicycle safety practices
  • Encourage the importance of bicycle helmet usage
  • Create an awareness of bicycle laws and regulations
  • Test bicycle handling skills
To request a bicycle rodeo Email the Bicycle Patrol Supervisor, Lieutenant Kirk Pattison.