Field Training Officer

After Academy graduation, Probationary Officers are assigned to a patrol watch and enter the Field Training Officer Program. The Probationary Officer rides with a Field Training Officer where they are extensively evaluated on their ability to apply department policies and field principles to on-duty service. After successfully completing this program, the Probationary Officer is assigned to solo patrol.

The Training Program

The three phase Field Training Officer Program consists of:

  • Phase I Completion of 480 hour Police Academy training
  • Phase II Completion of 16 weeks Field Training Officer Program
  • Phase III Completion of 18 months probationary period

The Training Officer

The Field Training Officers are experienced uniformed patrol officers who have expressed an interest to serve as training officers with probationary employees. Those selected to serve as Field Training Officers attend a 40 hour classroom instruction in field training strategies and evaluation process skills. The current Field Training Officer Program is comprised of six active Field Training Officers, and one Patrol Lieutenant who oversees the program as Field Training Officer Coordinator.

The Field Training Officers have dual responsibilities of providing police service in their assigned beat, as well as conducting training and evaluations for probationary officers. These additional duties make it mandatory for the Field Training Officer to act in a variety of roles that include:

  • Instructor
  • Leader
  • Counselor
  • Evaluator
  • Role Model

The Goal of the Field Officer Training Program:

To produce a competent police officer capable of working a solo patrol assignment in a safe, skillful, motivated, productive, and professional manner.