Off Campus Student Housing Program

Assisting and Informing the Local College Community


Important Notice Regarding Rental Ordinance Change - Please Read


Off-Campus Housing Seminar
Off-campus housing in the area around the Augustana College campus is inspected by the City of Rock Island Inspection Division and is required to be licensed in compliance with City Ordinance. The primary purpose of Off Campus Housing Seminar is to assist members of the College community in understanding the local ordinance requirements, to inform students, faculty, and staff about the local code requirements and services offered by the City of Rock Island, and to educate students about choosing a safe place to live.

"Off-campus housing" refers to any rental housing in the campus boundaries. Off-campus housing includes shared housing - fraternities, sororities, and student owned-and-operated co-ops - as well as apartments, houses, and rooms.

The City of Rock Island does not operate as a real estate office or advertise a list of specific rental units. However, to help make the work of finding and securing compliant housing easier, the Inspection Division is available to answer off-campus housing code questions and provide a general information on choose safe housing. A list of approved, un-related group use housing is available from the Zoning Official.

Inspection Services

If a student experiences a problem with their landlord, neighbors, subtenants, or roommates and has questions about housing compliance, they may call the Inspection Division to speak with Inspection Staff. A Rental Inspection may be scheduled if required.