Unrelated Group Home Inspections


Zoning Ordinance regulations limit the number to three unrelated individuals residing in a dwelling unit. For dwelling units with four or five unrelated residents, the City created an administrative process for certifying Unrelated Group Family Uses.
  • Each proposed Unrelated Group Family Use is required to pass a housing inspection.
  • There is a 300 foot separation requirement in the Zoning Ordinance between Unrelated Group Family Uses.
  • There is also a Zoning Ordinance requirement to have at least two improved, on-site parking spaces for Unrelated Group Family Uses.
  • The City maintains a complete listing of approved Unrelated Group Use properties in Rock Island.

Application Fee Required
There is an initial $100 application fee. There is a subsequent $60 re-certification application fee every two years.

Permit Application Process

Submit a completed application and application fee to the Planning and Redevelopment Division.