High School Resource Officer

The High School Resource Officer, Matt Franks, is an Officer assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division who is assigned to Rock Island High School throughout the 2019/2020 school year. The High School Resource Officer serves as the liaison between Rock Island High School and the Rock Island Police Department.

As a member of the school staff, the Police Resource Officer:
  • Assists school staff in the enforcement of school district policies
  • Promotes effective communication between the school and legal authorities
  • Coordinates provisions of police services to the school
  • Serves as a consultant in matters of crime prevention
  • Performs pro-active work with school personnel to prevent crimes
  • Protects students and staff providing a safe and secure school environment
  • Patrols school grounds and monitoring pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Provides guidance to students and parents to appropriate community services
  • Assists school staff in the supervision of extra-curricular activities

A Positive Relationship

The High School Resource Officer actively participates in police investigations involving school related crimes. His presence in the school provides a positive relationship between the school staff, students and the police department.

The Rock Island High School Resource Officer is an administrative staff position within the Rock Island High School Administration center. He operates an office located at Rock Island High School inside the Dean of Students Center.